Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An old timepiece

The crisp night air enters through a narrow slit between the window and the ledge. Filling this room with an aroma only described as fresh night air. And sometimes you can almost sense the stars on this aroma. Adding an almost sweet essence.

The air is also filled with the gentle rhythm of rain falling against the rooftop. Tapping out the metre to this nights poem. The beats are determined by how many liquid drops fall and upon where they lay. If you listen closely you can hear the gentle rain drops falling through the pine tree. Slowly slipping from one bough to the next. Starting from the top and working their way down to the grass. Almost as if they were caught in a slalom course.

And adding to this gentle mixture is the rising and falling of my chest in the rhythm with the tick of an old timepiece. Steadying to this tick, is the slow progressive beat of my heart. And as I lay here, breathing in the stars, listening to the rain, I cannot help but think of you. Think of what you might be doing, whether you think of me, and perhaps...just perhaps, if you too are breathing in this celestial mixture.

Monday, September 14, 2009

And the sweats say it all...

Ok, so todays blog is again going to be about something that we have all seen. But of course let me set this up properly...

So the other day, we (my guy and I) were walking through a supermarket. Doing some grocery shopping, when along comes this gal wearing fire engine red shorts. And across the ass of these shorts in big bold white lettering was "Miami". And well lets just say that this gal was a little.."curvy" or "thick" so the word on these shorts was quite large. And as terrible as it is to say, my first thought was a joke. Something to the effect of...if the city name on the ass of your pants is larger than the actual city, there is something wrong..and you probably shouldn't be wearing those bottoms. that being said I must tell one on myself. I am a "thick" gal, not heavy, not thin, just thick. I also happen to own a pair of shorts with the name of my alma mater on the ass. Oh and You need to know that my alma mater was rather small. About 1100 students total. SOO fitting my alma maters name (Hiram) on the ass of my shorts means that the name is actually bigger than the student body. And there ya have it. There's the joke on myself. Always good to know that a gal has a sense of humor.

Anyway, I have nothing more to say on the subject. So more later...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

And It All Ends With A Kiss...

Ok, so I was watching a television show today. I'm not gonna mention which one, cause I really don't care to incriminate myself. However, I was watching it and two of the characters are dating. So, of course because there needs to be conflict for the show to continue..these characters split up. The guy breaks it off with the gal. And while I have experienced that scenario far too many times, that is not what brought this blog into existence. After he tells her they can no longer see each other...he leans in and kisses her. <---and there is where this blog comes in...

What the hell is with that?!?! I mean seriously? What makes guys think it is ok to kiss a gal he just dumped? I mean really how could that turn out ok? It actually only leads to confusion. And well, that is no good. Trust me..I know.

I have had the pleasure of having every guy I have ever dated kiss me upon the break up. It is one of those.."We can't see each other anymore...*KISS*" or the "I love you, but I am not in love with you..I hope we can stay friends *KISS*".  Like...seriously? Ugh. The first time led to serious confusion, the second time a little less confused, but still confused...and after learn to deal. It becomes less of an issue. I mean hell, with my last break-up I was expecting that kiss. Which in my opinion is pretty freakin' weird. Who expects to be kissed by someone they are breaking up with them?? ME..that's who. haha.

So anyway, there is my random thought of this evening. Hope it entertained everyone. 


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Deli Meats in the Cupboard

Ok. So todays post is about something we have all done. I don't care who you are, or what level of society you belong to, you have done this.

So I find myself today in the presence of a three year old. To make matters worse, he was hungry. And nothing could be awful than a hungry three year old. And not only is he hungry, but in desperate need of a nap. And of course to top it all off...he was having a picky day. You know the type of day where he doesn't want to eat just anything...but something very specific. And telling you this magical food would just be too damn easy. So we play twenty questions, so I can find out the food that will calm this little man down. Turns out, it was grilled cheese.

So I proceed to plop him in front of the TV with Curious George, so I can prepare this magical meal of grilled cheese sandwiches. And it hits me..pure inspiration. I should add some ham to these sandwiches. Lets face, ham is good. He like ham. I like ham. Lets add some ham. And so I start getting out all the ingredients needed for these sandwiches: bread, butter, cheese and of course the ham. I butter the bread, unwrap the cheese slices, and lay the ham on the plate so that when I assemble the sandwiches in the pan it is within easy grabbing distance.

While sandwich number one is cooking in the pan, I started to put away the ingredients I am done with already. And this is where the title of this entry comes in. I put the bread away no problem. The butter didn't give me any trouble..nor did the cheese. It was that extra ingredient, ham, that gave me all the problems. 

I start to put the ham away, and I realize that I was in fact going to put the ham in the cupboard. And surely ham doesn't belong there. I know that. My brain knows that. So why the hell was I gonna put the ham into my cupboard? Oh and to make matters worse..I wasn't using anything from that cupboard to make the sandwiches. So it wasn't like my brain switched which items went where. It just decided it would be fun to let ham rot in the cupboard. Unfortunately for my brain..I woke up and realized what I was doing before I had completed the action. 

And so, having given that long description of what I did. You may all now tell me your experiences with doing that. Putting items away, specifically in the kitchen, where they don't belong. Like things that belong in the refrigerator in the cupboard.

More Later

Monday, September 7, 2009

Good self-esteem days...

So, I was randomly sitting here today thinking that I should blog. And then it donned on my what my first topic should be. And well, it is sorta set up like a comedian telling a joke, cause that is how it came to me. haha. So here goes.

Ya know what is the worst day to go clothes shopping? On good self-esteem days. *cue laughter* I mean seriously, I know every lady in here has done that at least once or twice.  You know you wake up, look in the mirror and you think.."damn...who is that foxy motherfucker staring back at me? Oh man, it's me! Well, aren't I sexy today?" And then in a fit of brilliance you decide that to celebrate this wondrous day of looking good, you will take yourself shopping. So you get dressed do the once over in the mirror, and realize that you are still looking just as good as you did before. So you leave the house, drive to the mall and enter a store. Not Macy's or anywhere respectable like that, but something more along the lines of Madame Roxie's Boutique of Sluttiness. Cause really? You are one sexy motherfucker and if anyone can pull off those clothes it is you!

So once in the store you ask the associate to point you in the direction of the most revealing clothing they sell. And so standing there amongst the thongs and spandex, you pick out the most raunchy dress you can find. Slits up the side, holes cut in the bodice, and short enough that one sneeze would expose everything. So you try it on and look in the mirror..and once again think you are IT. 

You end up purchasing the dress and take it home. Once there, you hang the dress in the closet and call it a day. The next evening you get a call from a friend who wants to go out to the club. And you think, "This will be the perfect opportunity to take that dress out for a spin". So you get ready, shower, put the dress on, and then go into the bathroom to do your hair and makeup. You look in the mirror and are appalled at what you see. "Where did this ugly cow from from?" And then you realize that the ugly cow you are referring to, is you. You think this can't be right..."I tried on that dress just yesterday, it must have's a trick...must be water weight." You think of every possible excuse there is as to why this dress no longer fits. And then you realize that you have been duped by good self-esteem yet again.

And that is the story of why women shouldn't go shopping on good self-esteem days. Because seriously, we don't need to be spending more money on things we won't ever wear. And I know we all have those outfits in our closet..those items we never wear cause they don't look right. So heed my warning and don't let your friends go out shopping on good self-esteem days.