Thursday, September 10, 2009

And It All Ends With A Kiss...

Ok, so I was watching a television show today. I'm not gonna mention which one, cause I really don't care to incriminate myself. However, I was watching it and two of the characters are dating. So, of course because there needs to be conflict for the show to continue..these characters split up. The guy breaks it off with the gal. And while I have experienced that scenario far too many times, that is not what brought this blog into existence. After he tells her they can no longer see each other...he leans in and kisses her. <---and there is where this blog comes in...

What the hell is with that?!?! I mean seriously? What makes guys think it is ok to kiss a gal he just dumped? I mean really how could that turn out ok? It actually only leads to confusion. And well, that is no good. Trust me..I know.

I have had the pleasure of having every guy I have ever dated kiss me upon the break up. It is one of those.."We can't see each other anymore...*KISS*" or the "I love you, but I am not in love with you..I hope we can stay friends *KISS*".  Like...seriously? Ugh. The first time led to serious confusion, the second time a little less confused, but still confused...and after learn to deal. It becomes less of an issue. I mean hell, with my last break-up I was expecting that kiss. Which in my opinion is pretty freakin' weird. Who expects to be kissed by someone they are breaking up with them?? ME..that's who. haha.

So anyway, there is my random thought of this evening. Hope it entertained everyone. 


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