Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Deli Meats in the Cupboard

Ok. So todays post is about something we have all done. I don't care who you are, or what level of society you belong to, you have done this.

So I find myself today in the presence of a three year old. To make matters worse, he was hungry. And nothing could be awful than a hungry three year old. And not only is he hungry, but in desperate need of a nap. And of course to top it all off...he was having a picky day. You know the type of day where he doesn't want to eat just anything...but something very specific. And telling you this magical food would just be too damn easy. So we play twenty questions, so I can find out the food that will calm this little man down. Turns out, it was grilled cheese.

So I proceed to plop him in front of the TV with Curious George, so I can prepare this magical meal of grilled cheese sandwiches. And it hits me..pure inspiration. I should add some ham to these sandwiches. Lets face, ham is good. He like ham. I like ham. Lets add some ham. And so I start getting out all the ingredients needed for these sandwiches: bread, butter, cheese and of course the ham. I butter the bread, unwrap the cheese slices, and lay the ham on the plate so that when I assemble the sandwiches in the pan it is within easy grabbing distance.

While sandwich number one is cooking in the pan, I started to put away the ingredients I am done with already. And this is where the title of this entry comes in. I put the bread away no problem. The butter didn't give me any trouble..nor did the cheese. It was that extra ingredient, ham, that gave me all the problems. 

I start to put the ham away, and I realize that I was in fact going to put the ham in the cupboard. And surely ham doesn't belong there. I know that. My brain knows that. So why the hell was I gonna put the ham into my cupboard? Oh and to make matters worse..I wasn't using anything from that cupboard to make the sandwiches. So it wasn't like my brain switched which items went where. It just decided it would be fun to let ham rot in the cupboard. Unfortunately for my brain..I woke up and realized what I was doing before I had completed the action. 

And so, having given that long description of what I did. You may all now tell me your experiences with doing that. Putting items away, specifically in the kitchen, where they don't belong. Like things that belong in the refrigerator in the cupboard.

More Later

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